Vectrol Paste

           Vectrol paste is an automatic solution that helps in cleaning defaced bank notes. Anti-breeze bank notes can be taken care of with utmost precision. This paste is easy to use and the entire implementation process takes very little time. This paste is used along with the SSD Solution to get rid of the discoloration of notes. Handling the discolored currency was never this easy. Being used by people from all corners of the world, vectrol paste is constructive and its application is fruitful. It fits into all pockets, making sure it is easily accessible.

             The foremost characteristic of this vectrol paste goes by the fact that it works amazingly when dealing with bulk notes. Being effortless, it comes with a comprehensive list of instructions to guide the user. The unchallenging work pleases all as the outcome is competent and satisfactory. The quality of processed notes is decent as all the stains get removed.

Note: Any chemical must be applied with utmost caution. It can harm the human body if contacted directly. Even if such a contact takes place, please wash it immediately. In case of persistent irritation, refer to a medical practitioner at the earliest.

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